For complicated situations, I work with psychologists and neuropsychiatrists who can make accurate diagnoses for such issues as ADD, Mood Disorders, Trauma, and Cognitive problems.

Diagnostic assessments can include brain scanning (SPECT) and other sophisticated evaluation methods.

Individual & Couples therapy

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"I am having a hard time recovering from a divorce or  bad break-up".

Warm, supportive approach informed by individual and family psychology, cognitive therapy, and brain (neuroscience) research

"My significant other told me to get help or they would leave our relationship."

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"I need help related to my/significant other substance use."

Diagnostic Assessments

Typical concerns of our clients include:

"I am very depressed and unable to focus on important issues in my life."

Along with helping couples in conflict in Chicago, our other areas of specialization include:

  • individuals with depression, anxiety, &  substance abuse recovery

  • younger couples dealing with commitment issues, communication problems and escalating fights

  • complex mood disorders

Bill Martin, LCSW 

"My spouse or partner and I fight a lot or avoid each other"

Understand how and when to use creative strategies, like Eye Movement Re-processing Response, guided imagery and relaxation training using EmWave

Training for professionals and clients in communication, guided imagery, relaxation training and how the brain/mind influences the way we communicate.

"I'm anxious and afraid a lot."

Couples in Conflict

Trauma therapy

training & Workshops

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