I'm a husband, father, therapist, writer, teacher with a lot of personal and professional experience doing this work.

I'm in the process of expanding my practice so I may offer additional services in multiple locations.


I know its important to do a thorough assessment before moving forward in the therapy process.

I'm a therapist who helps Couples in Conflict In Chicago

I'm an active therapist

During our work, I will be very active, asking questions and developing an understanding of how  I can help. In complicated cases, I will ask  you to do more sophisticated psychological testing to rule out brain related issues like learning disabilities or cognitive problems. Stress and trauma can damage the brain and it's best to know that before developing an extensive therapy plan. Being thorough is very important to me. I take notes, develop plans, make referrals as needed...all in the effort to help you deal with your concerns. I can't guarantee progress, but can assure you it's my goal and I will do what I can to help you get there.

I limit my work to individuals with relationship problems, depression, mood disorders  and couples in conflict in Chicago who I understand and know I can help. Part of it is the motivation of the client, the other part is my decades of experience, training and ability to support and challenge when necessary.

Bill Martin, LCSW 

Psychotherapy, Consultation & Training 773-936-3607 

1300 West Belmont Ave. # 309

Chicago, Illinois  60657